Everybody needs a cheerleader

This weekend, I took my kids to the Santa Claus Parade. While watching the parade, I exchanged a few comments with a friendly woman. She mentioned that they were there to see someone in the first float. My husband and I said we were there to see someone in the last float. We all chuckled when the woman and her male counterpart realized we meant Santa. I wasn’t sure if it would be too forward to ask what float would be first. As it turned out, the first float was for parade grand marshall Ross Rebagliati, the first Olympic gold medalist for snowboarding. The people beside us shouted out Ross’s name and waved frantically. I told my older boy that “he snowboards”. And the woman beside us said, “This is his daddy” — and motioned to her counterpart. Once the float had gone by, they left. They’d stood in the cold long enough to get front-row viewing — and they left once they’d shown their support for Ross.

Wow. An Olympic gold medallist’s family turned out to see him. They cheered his name, waved and made themselves known. I don’t know anything else about them, but I can tell that’s the kind of support that makes for an Olympic champion.

Whether you’re a gold medal winner or not, you need cheerleaders. Your family, friends, business associates and entrepreneur support network members make up your cheerleading squad. Everyone needs someone with whom they can share their ups and downs. When you’re out building your business network, make sure you add a few cheerleaders.

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  1. Ross’s performance in Nagano was incredible. He won on an icy slope in near blizzard conditions with atrocious visibility. After he had won they made a big deal that some THC turned up in his system. THye even talked about stripping him of his medal before coming to their senses and dropping the matter. However, the matter was not finished. The draconian anti drug maniacs here in the US actually refused the man entry into the US when he tried to attend the games in Utah. What an embarrassment.

    Anyway, good post, and I dig your blog.


    A consultant & snowboarder

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