Fast away the old year passes

With a few days to go yet in 2012, I’ve been taking it easy on the work side of things. I decided to take 2.5 weeks off to spend with my family – without any plans to go out of town. Just some good ole fashioned time at home so we can all recharge and, for once, not be at the mercy of an alarm clock, calendar or school bell.

Of course, for most people, our life probably already looks fairly leisurely. My decision to work at home and live near amenities means a lot of work-life balance opportunities are possible. When I wanted to go to the school concert in December, I could. When friends called me up and invited me to a lunchtime networking event, I could get there in five minutes and still be back at my desk for 1:30.  And I’m already in the habit of never scheduling work meetings or calls before 10 am, so that our mornings can be just a little less rushed.

Still, there’s room to improve. In 2013, I’m hoping to finetune the schedule, find more ways to bring peace to our busy lives and opportunities to just enjoy life together.

On the work side of things, I’ll continue in my evolution as a consultant. I’m hoping to do more hands-on work with entrepreneurs this year – while I still have many corporate clients, I find there’s something about working with entrepreneurs that brings me joy. Likewise, when I’m teaching and running workshops, I feel happy and free. So I hope to do more of that in the months and years ahead.

Over the next few days, I’ll be reflecting on what I want 2013 to bring for me. As per my Consultant Journal tradition, I’ll aim to share my business resolutions in early January.

How about you? Do you take the time to think about the year ahead?


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