Friday 5: lessons from pro wrestling

Can you learn about marketing from pro-wrestling? Paul Nilsen lists the top five things you can learn about marketing from pro-wrestling.* My favourite:

When a wrestler goes out of his way to show that his opponent’s punch rocked his skull, he is said to be “selling” his opponent’s move. When the tide turns in the match, the opponent will do the same, and “put his opponent over”. In essence, a wrestler makes great matches and becomes a success by making someone else look good.

Successful marketing isn’t always “Me Me Me!!”. Sometimes “selling” someone elses move helps people to see you in a new light.

Pro wrestlers know the value of partnerships. By working with your customers, vendors and business partners, you can achieve common goals. This might mean using co-operative advertising, joint ventures, joint press releases, shared sponsorship or another idea. Think about how you can work with your partners to grow your businesses.

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