Friday 5: on writing well

As a consultant, you’ll need to write on a regular basis. Email messages, proposals and reports are part of just about any consultant’s toolkit. Although you don’t need to write with the skill of a professional writer, you can get ahead by learning to write well. Check out five tips for quality writing.

(As someone who’s made a living as a professional writer, I must point out that "quality writing" is vague. Is that high quality writing or low quality writing? Okay, I’m being cheeky.)

1 thought on “Friday 5: on writing well”

  1. Quality writing is important whether you’re (not “your”) a consultant or anyone that interacts via email or letters, which encompasses pretty much any professional.

    Like it or not, you are judged by your writing and strong writing skills with precise use of grammar gives the aura of high intellect.

    The five tips are a great starting point!

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