Friday 5: top 5 extrovert careers

Via Yahoo, I stumbled across a list of the top 5 careers for extroverts. Yikes, the highest paying career cited is still only $80k! That’s not exactly what I’d call a hot career. Granted, I suppose you can move up the ladder from there — into management and senior management — but it’s still not what I’d consider hot. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that, by HR specialist, they meant someone who is still not in middle management.

In contract, I know a human resources consultant who charges $225 an hour. She offers career coaching, retreats, courses and so on. To make $80k a year, she only needs to bill an average of seven hours per week.


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  1. It does certainly seem like this information has to be inaccurate … or at least not fully representative of the true “hot” career idea. I advise small business computer consultants, and one the biggest problems they have is typically knowing how to set rates high enough to be competitive in their industry and also get paid what they are worth. I think certainly there are “hotter” careers for extroverts than what they claim by these salaries, if you’re going by profit potential and an accurate portrayal of the situation.

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