Friday 5: Top 5 reasons marketing drives you crazy

This week’s Friday 5 comes from Lauren Tarne at the Go Big Network: Does Marketing Make You Mental? The Top 5 Reasons That Might Be the Case.

As a marketer, I love reason #1:
Collateral Confidence — You depend on your business cards, letterhead, tri-fold brochure and basic website to do the marketing for you.

Business cards, letterhead, brochures, websites and even ads and direct mail are just marketing tools. There’s a whole lot more to marketing. For some reason, many people think that, if they’ve got brochures, they’ve got marketing plans in place. Too many small business owners think that, in hiring a graphic designer or writer, they’re doing "marketing". Marketing really involves connecting buyers and sellers. On their own, brochures and websites don’t do much. It takes strategic planning to develop a market and build a business.