Achieving a 4-hour workweek

Back in December, I noted that I was planning to read a book by Timothy Ferriss called The 4-Hour Workweek. I read the book in early January and have finally got around to implementing some of the ideas.

Although I don’t advocate everything in the book, it certainly got me thinking about ways to streamline my work processes. In fact, since reading the book, I’ve hired two subcontractors to work on projects for me. I’ve worked with subcontractors before, but usually just when I wanted help during a busy time or when I didn’t have the skills to do a project. This time, I’m hiring people to do work I could do myself — but that someone else could do more cheaply. (And I’ve hired people in my own town, as opposed to sending the work across the planet.) It’s going really well and I’m going to continue with this.

Have you experimenting with subcontracting?