Geoffrey Moore on consulting

Geoffrey Moore, a consultant famous for his books on technology adoption, is one of my favourite authors. Coincidentally, Jon Morrow from BestSellerInterviews sent along his interview with Geoffrey Moore.  The interview focuses on Moore’s strategies for gaining readers.

I love this quote from Moore, because it says so much about his consulting model:
I don’t think about books, nor about readers. I think about consulting engagements and business executives. I focus on a new book when the mental models of the current book are no longer an adequate match for the problems we are seeing in the consulting practice. Up to a point, you can patch this over by adding models via PowerPoint, but eventually you need a whole new framework, hence a whole new book. For me, though, the book is a means, not an end.

Do you use consulting models? Pros like Moore use models, so that they don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time they sit down with a new client or new problem. By coming up with templates and models, you can gain efficiencies and gain more from your consulting fees.