Be the Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

Positioning yourself as an expert can give your career and your business a boost. After all, when you’re a trusted authority, people are more likely to seek you out and to refer you to others. Whether you’re in business or simply a professional career, figuring out just how to build your expert status can give you an edge.

After I got interviewed by CBC this week, some people asked how they could do the same. And, every day, someone comes to this website, wondering how they can build up their expert status or position themselves as a consultant, so that they can command higher fees. And while I’ve got Six Tips for Jumpstarting Your Expert Status, I thought perhaps a little presentation might help. 

And so I created…

How to be the greatest thing since sliced bread

(You can view it full-screen by pressing play and then clicking the little rectangle with the black box in it on the right.)

The thing is, I believe each and every one of you has it within you to become an expert at something. Really. You just need to pick the right niche and work at it. Give it time. You might not get it right immediately. But give it time.

Incidentially, kudos to my dad, who often talks about this or that being the greatest thing since sliced bread. (I must say I had a great time reading about the history of sliced bread.)