How to be like Coca-Cola

Bruno Coelho sent in a post called Be like Coca-Cola. The article shows you how you can benefit from Coca-Cola’s history — how to go from being great to being seen as great and changing the world.

Here’s a brief intro to the article from Bruno:

“You can’t climb the ladder of success with the dress of failure” – Zig Ziglar

How many times did you feel like everyone didn’t understand how great you are?

You have the skills, the know-how and the will to win… but you’re not making an impact. And if you’re not making an impact… then no one knows who you are.

In the past, a great company also had this issue. It had a great product but it wasn’t making an impact. It’s name? Coca-Cola. It’s impact in history? Legendary.

Let me show you how you can benefit from Coca-Cola’s history, go from being great to be seen as great and change the world!

Bruno Coelho is a Software Engineer with a 360º vision about the software development world. He believes that having strong technical and business skills is critical to stay relevant in today’s competitive business world. He has published and presented both technical and non-technical articles, covering a wide range of subjects: from security to productivity, from performance to marketing and from XML to persuasion.
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