What are your favourite consulting resources?

As consultants, we all have favourite sources for helping us with professional growth. In today’s post, we’re opening up the floor for you, so that you can share your favourite professional resources. And, hey, we understand that Consultant Journal may not be your only resource. We’ve got good self esteem. We can handle that.

3 thoughts on “What are your favourite consulting resources?”

  1. I have three:

    My own / company knowledge base built up over 20 years (now several gigabytes)

    My network. It is probably the most valuable resource I have.

    Google. I use the advanced search facility and search for keywords whilst checking the .doc or .pdf options. It is amazing that much of what we do for clients has been done before. Of course we can do better, but there is no point starting from a blank piece of paper.

    I do go to blogs, the best advice is often in the comments and it can take an age to filter the good stuff out. Present site excepted of course.


  2. Andy, this site has lots of good information in the comments, too. The recent move to WordPress has invited more comments, so I’m hoping that aspect will improve over time.

    You’ve got your own knowledge base? Excellent thinking. Productizing knowledge is key.

  3. Web-based meeting tools have been huge for my business this year – like http://www.dimdim.com – they’re a competitor to GoToMeeting and WebEx and the free version allows up to 20 meeting attendees – and allow me to spend more time less time on the road traveling.

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