Computer consulting fee

Computer consulting fees, like all consulting fees, are affected by a number of factors.

Because most consultants agree that there is no standard computer consulting fee that works in all situations, many new computer consultants have difficulty figuring out what they’re "worth."

Crunching the numbers

There are primary consulting fee models, which include setting consulting rates based on performance, and doubling or even tripling your hourly wage. Some IT consultants combine a number of these models at the same time.

When determining your computer consulting fee you’ll realize that determining your IT consulting fee is just as much about building value as it is about crunching numbers.

Discovering your niche

Clients often place more value on higher-priced consultants than on those who charge lower rates.

But how do you increase your rates? One route to charging higher rates is to discover your niche.

A general "computer consultant" might command a low computer consulting fee.

Whereas a more specialized "website usability consultant" or a "computer audio consultant" may be able to charge higher rates because he or she has carved out a niche in the computer consulting field.

Working toward a niche is just one of the topics that I discuss in my 60 page guide on setting consulting fees: Consulting Fees: A Guide for Independent Consultants.


Try getting in touch with industry organizations, such as the Independent Computer Consultants Association, to see whether they have any insider data on computer consulting fees. However, use their data to supplement your decision making; don’t simply set your rates simply based on what others are charging.

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