How's your year going?

How’s your year going?

It’s March 1st. We’re starting the third month of 2010. How’s your business year going? Sure, you may not have a business year-end that reflects the usual calendar, but it’s helpful to do a check in.

What are you doing well at? 

What are you struggling with?

For me, I’m doing much better at tackling self care. On the flipside, I’m struggling with some short-term health care issues. But they’re becoming much more manageable and I can already see a huge difference. Self care has been an important part of resetting things. Learning to enjoy little things, like the taste of a raisin or the smell and warmth of a cup of coffee has become an important part of my day. By taking time during the day to recognize those little pleasures and the goodness they bring to my life, I’ve really grown. At the same time, business continues to boom. I can’t keep up with it all, but I’ve decided that’s okay. I’m focusing on what I love and what’s important to me. For me, this is a great opportunity to change the way I run my business and my life.

How about you?