I love my smartphone

I love my smartphone. Normally, I’m at the head of the curve when it comes to adopting new technologies. But I was worried that a smartphone might intrude on my work-life balance. Was I ever wrong!

Because of my smartphone, I’m spending far less time at the computer. I can go for a walk and weigh up a strategy, campaign or problem, rather than sitting at my desk. I can go for a bike ride in the middle of the day, answer my email, and head back home.

My kids are happier. I can check messages while I’m making dinner and talking to them, rather than heading off to the computer.

I can check messages – and answer them – while I’m waiting around at the bank, grocery store, doctor, dentist and other places.

I can read the newspaper or an ebook at a park bench, while waiting in my parked car or even lying in bed.

If I’m heading to a meeting with a client, I can pull up their website, LinkedIn details or other  information just moments before I get there.

And those are just some of my business reasons! 

How about you? Do you love your smartphone?

Offsite resources: Definition of smartphone, from Wikipedia.

4 thoughts on “I love my smartphone”

  1. I love it as well and also find it to be a liberating device more than shackles. It’s great being able to check my twitter feed or read e-mail or the globe while waiting somewhere or on the skytrain.

    I’m not a consultant, but also find I don’t mind the modest work intrusion while not “on duty.” My employer gives me a lot of flexibility to tend to family issues during business hours, so being able to keep up with what’s happening at the office or answer some e-mails at other times is very helpful. Plus, they pay for it.

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