Is consulting for you?

Wondering if you should get into consulting? Check out Should I become a consultant? I should note that, if you don’t seem like an entrepreneur, that doesn’t mean you can’t become a consultant. By working on your weaknesses and building up your strengths, you may be able to reposition yourself for self-employment. If not, you may want to find a business partner or take on a consulting role within a consulting firm.

2 thoughts on “Is consulting for you?”

  1. Ricardo Lopez-Herrera

    This kind of cuestion not encorage to much to those that are looking for start something by themselves.
    I’m about start my own firm and need some light to clear my doubts, even I don’t need do consulting I realize that is matter of time the companies start clear in payroll accounting white collar employees like me.
    The cuestios should not be “Should I become in Consultant?” but “What kind of Consultant should I become?

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