I’ve rebranded my consulting company

After more than 12 years as a marketing consultant, I’ve made the decision to rebrand my company. Today, I’m pleased to announce the launch of Trustmode Marketing, my Vancouver marketing consultant business.

Rebranding was a big decision for me. In fact, the decision and the follow-through showed me just how valuable it is for my clients to have an outsider’s view as they go through their marketing decisions. In rebranding on my own, I haven’t had the benefit of that distance, since I’m the one doing all the thinking and the work. Fortunately, I’ve been able to work with some trusted advisors, including designer Odette Hidalgo of Gravity Inc. And I can’t thank my unofficial board of directors enough for all their help in the past few months. My entrepreneurs’ group has also been a big help.

With the launch of Trustmode Marketing, I’m productizing my services to make them easier for smaller businesses to buy. I’m also putting a focus on principled marketing — I encourage you to visit Trustmode Marketing, my Vancouver marketing consulting company website, for a copy of The Business Case for Marketing Based on Trust.

The new brand also paints a more accurate picture of where my business is today. My corporate structure includes a team of consultants, including writers, designers, web developers, search engine marketers and other great folks. It no longer makes sense to brand everything under my own name.

I’ll be sharing more details of my rebrand in the next Consultant Journal newsletter. (Sign up at the above right.) But I hope some of you will also jump on board for my marketing newsletter from Trustmode Marketing. And I also wanted to let you all know that I’ve launched a marketing workshop for September. If you’re looking for a reason to come up to Vancouver, I can make no greater plea! In fact, if you come to Vancouver just for the workshop, let me know and I’ll see if we can grab a coffee together too.

Thanks for listening. As you can see, running a consulting business is a journey, even for someone with 12 years of experience in the consulting field.


Andrea Coutu