Consulting jobs

Consulting jobs are enticing for a variety of reasons. Check out the big list of reasons why consulting jobs are rewarding: work from home, set your own hours, benefit from tax write-offs, set your own fees… The list of benefits goes on.

But once you’ve decided you want to become a consultant, how do you choose which one of the many consulting jobs are for you?

Here at Consultant Journal, you’ll find more than a thousand free articles that touch on almost every aspect of consulting, and there is enough free information here at Consultant Journal to get you started on your consulting journey. If you haven’t visited the becoming a consultant FAQ, I encourage you to visit the FAQs now. Also take a look at the types of consultants you can become, which will help you navigate the world of consulting jobs.

However, if you’d like to jump-start your career as a consultant, here are three ways that Consultant Journal makes that help accessible to people like you.

1. Discover Your Inner Consultant – A workbook

I’ve compiled a workbook that guides you through deciding which of the many consulting jobs is right for you. Discover your Inner Consultant is a workbook designed to help you discover consulting business opportunities that will work for you. The workbook is a series of questions and answers that will require thought and time on your part. However, it’s this hard work that will guide you toward a consulting career that is suited to you. After all, the only person who knows what you’ll enjoy and what you’ll succeed at is you.  Check out the workbook details now.

2. Become a Consultant Course – An online course

The above two workbooks are powerful tools that guide you through starting a business on your own.This course, however, is for those of you who prefer personal interaction and in-depth guidance. This course includes workbooks, hours of audio, interactive forums, personalized help with your marketing plan, and more. Check out the course details now.

If you’re wondering how to make sense of the consulting jobs out there, you’re in the right place.
Feel free to explore Consultant Journal’s free articles, ask questions, or consider purchasing one of our fast-track workbooks or registering in the online course.

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