Knowing your values

Do you think about your values when it comes to your business? I recently met with another business owner who wasn’t feeling motivated or inspired. This entrepreneur said they just didn’t want to get up and do their work every day.

In talking to them, I discovered that this individual felt disconnected from the umbrella company they work with. Through discussion, I learned that the company’s mission, values, brand and strategy were out of alignment with this consultant’s values.

I get that. I’ve been there.

When I rebranded my marketing consulting company this year, I thought a lot about my values. What stood out for me most is that I like to "live my values". I like to think that the way I approach every action is driven by my core values. And what’s been really important to me — throughout my life, but especially now — is authenticity, trust, commitment, follow-through, respect and fantastic relationships. I decided to take those values and have them drive my business processes. I mapped out new ways of building marketing programs, so that I pay attention to each of those values. And I’m focusing on clients who really care about those values. I renamed my company Trustmode Marketing.

I’ve never been so happy about my work. And business is booming for me. By focusing on what I believe in and seeking out clients who share that vision, I’ve been able to create the change I wanted — in my life and in my business.

How do your values fit into your business?


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