Light therapy boxes can help consultants

Light therapy box can help consultants who feel like they’re down in the doldrums during the winter months. If you’re a consultant who feels a slump every winter, you should talk to your doctor about using a light therapy box to combat seasonal affective disorder. Overcoming seasonal affective disorder can help you boost your productivity and profits, while improving your mental health.

Some people with seasonal affective disorder benefit from light therapy boxes. Light therapy may offer people with seasonal affective disorder an alternative or complement to medication, cognitive behavior therapy and other treatments. In light therapy, you sit in front of a bright light box. Nowadays, there are portable, desktop and standing light boxes, in addition to big bright light therapy boxes.

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Where to buy light therapy boxes

Light therapy products are sold in stores, online and through catalogs. Some sources of light therapy products include:

  • Apollo Light Therapy
  • Northern Light Technologies
  • Full Spectrum Solutions
  • Uplift Technologies
  • Bio-Brite
  • Circadian Lighting Association

Talk to your doctor before buying or using a light therapy box. Light therapy may not be suitable for you.

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