Litebook trial begins | Light therapy

A courier just dropped off my Litebook Elite, a light therapy box that the Litebook Company asked me to try out. Although light therapy is often promoted for people with SAD (seasonal affective disorder), I’m trying out the Litebook as a way of resetting my internal clock. As a consultant and the parent of a toddler, I often find myself working and waking at irregular hours. So, when I was asked to do a one-month trial of the Litebook, I figured it would be a great way to reset my routine. I also live in a north-facing home near the water in Vancouver, and, when the fog rolls in during the winter, there’s less light. So I’ll see how my trial goes. I’m not being paid for my trial and I have to return the product at the end of the trial, so I’m free to speak my mind about the product.

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