Nobody told me



there’d be days like this

where I’d wake up in the morning

feeling like it’s just another day

But then the email piles up

The phone’s ringing

A pile of papers crashes to the floor

I’ve got to schedule 6 appointments

File those darn taxes

Buy more printer toner

Fix that stupid fax machine

Chase down those unpaid invoices


Nobody told me


when I started my business. Or maybe they did but I sure as heck wasn’t going to listen to them. No way, buddy. I’m an entrepreneur. Let’s get this party started. Or at least that’s how I felt at the time.


Nobody told me there’d be days like this, where I feel like I’m losing my mind and I can’t believe I’m in charge and there’s no one else to ask. Nobody told me there’d be days like this.


But then a client emails and tells me

What an amazing job I did

And a friend asks if I want to go for a long lunch Thursday


And my kid’s sick but I don’t have to worry about childcare

Because I don’t have to ask anyone but me if I can work from home

And I’ve got dinner cooking on the stove

I just accepted a delivery

Tomorrow’s meeting is over cocktails with a long time friend turned business partner

A dash to the printer’s to pick up business cards means meeting old friends

My best friend and I never know whether to write off dinner
because it’s always business and it’s always pleasure
and we wouldn’t change a thing

And I can’t decide if my friends are
because they’re my friends or
if they’re my friends because they’re entrepreneurs
but it doesn’t matter because my entire business world
is made up of my friends

Now the mail is here and

I just picked up a cheque

And it has my name on it

And a note from the client that has such heartfelt thanks that I tear up a bit.

Nobody told me there’d be days like this.

And I wish they had

Because days like this are what makes

being an entrepreneur

So rewarding. So real. So me.

7 thoughts on “Nobody told me”

  1. These days come and go! Trust me I tend to have these types of days as well, when it comes down to it. I recommend taking a break for a little while when you are tired of working on your business, don`t take a vacation but take enough time to get your head together!

  2. Thanks.

    @Tony, yes breaks are valuable. I’m trying to build more of those in.

    @Earle, thanks for your kind words.

    @Nancy, yup, you bet it’s worth it – for me and for many of us.

  3. Lol, I have days like this too sometimes and that’s exactly how I feel. It’s definitely nice to take a vacation and destress for a while! I totally agree with Tony.

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