Self Care - person holding glass of water

Practicing self compassion

We are at an unprecedented time in history and in our lives. You, as an entrepreneur, may be dealing with a big set of unknowns right now, for everything from your work to your home life to where your groceries are coming from.

If you spend much time listening to the news or social media, it wouldn’t be surprising to come away feeling all the things you “should” be doing. We live in a capitalistic society and we’ve been taught from the time we were small that our worth comes from our productivity, whether that is as a worker, a volunteer, a caregiver or partner. The messages about measuring up are really strong. (So strong that my book is all about setting fees, so you can imagine how I’m doing at working through that same messaging!)

It’s hard to undo all that messaging in a crisis. For many, even if you’re lucky enough to be able to work from home, you’re in a crisis and working from home, not simply working from home. Maybe you’ve got grocery deliveries, children, pets or a partner interrupting your work. Maybe there isn’t any work to interrupt. Maybe you’re getting crisis messages from friends or family at the same time. Maybe you’re the one feeling in crisis. It’s not a typical “work from home” scenario.

I don’t want to add to your list of “shoulds”. But I will gently suggest that you practice kindness with yourself. Whatever your day looks like, however well or not well your day is going, try to find a few moments to practice some self care. Even if it is a simple act of caring for yourself, allow yourself that. You matter. You’re worth it.