Rentacoder – not just for programmers anymore

Over at Online Freebies, there’s a post about finding freelance work via Rentacoder. In spite of the name, Rentacoder offers work for more than just coders (programmers). It’s possible to bid on work for all aspects of software development — even business and communication projects.

I’ve never used Rentacoder, eLance or similar services. I’ve generally found that the people competing for those jobs charge very low consulting fees, perhaps because they come from countries where the cost of living is much less than where I live. I still do work for companies outside my own country, but only where I can command the sort of fees to which I’ve become accustomed. That means I have to offer more specialized skills and knowledge, which can’t be as easily shipped overseas. However, depending on where you live, some of these online freelance bid sites might make sense for you.