Restaurant consultant — why not become one?

Restaurant consultants get paid handsomely to solve problems for restaurant owners. The Restaurant Report has a fact sheet on how to hire a restaurant consultant . But how do you become a restaurant consultant and what does a restaurant consultant do? I’ve covered ideas for other kinds of consultants you can become, but what about restaurant consultants?

Restaurant consultants draw from expertise, experience and contacts to help restaurant owners grow their businesses and turn profits. Restaurant consultants may provide advice on concepts, interior design, project management, financing, real estate, menu development, litigation, human resources, accounting and operations management. They may also apply their consulting to niches, like food and beverage, golf clubs, hotels, resorts, startups, specific cuisines and other areas. Some consultants deliver reports, whereas others take a more hands-on role.

My brother-in-law works as a restaurant consultant when he isn’t at his day job. He has a genuine love for restaurant consulting. We once spent two weeks with him on a driving vacation, where we dined out for most of our meals. At every stop, he had advice for turning around the restaurant — and, since I’m interested in marketing and restaurants, I listened with open ears. He told me tips for greeting patrons, selling the most profitable menu items, using promotional devices, tracking sales and managing liquor sales. I can see why restaurants line up to purchase his restaurant consulting services.

If you love the restaurant business, maybe you should ask yourself if you should become a consultant — a restaurant consultant.

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