Side jobs – 10 ways to get ahead

Want to get ahead? Consider taking on a side job. Working at a second job is often a great way to:

  1. Pay down credit card debt
  2. Save for a downpayment
  3. Build up an emergency fund
  4. Top up your retirement fund
  5. Get your consulting business or other small business off the ground
  6. Eliminate your student loans
  7. Save up for a car
  8. Get money together for a dream trip
  9. Have a dream wedding
  10. Have cash on hand for the next year of car insurance, home insurance or anything else you’ve been planning to finance.

I started consulting on a part-time basis, back when I still had a day job. As a result, I was able to achieve many dreams. Now I run my own business on a full-time basis. What could a side job do for you?

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