Sporadic posting and life’s unexpected events

I usually pride myself on updating Consultant Journal regularly. In fact, I often have a stash of posts written well in advance – I just most more spontaneous ones as they occur to me. Well, that all ground to a halt recently.

You see, I decided to sell my home. That meant getting ready to stage the property, clearing things out, redecorating for broad appeal, getting stuff into storage, keeping the place immaculate for showings, negotiating with buyers and more. Then I ran into a few hiccoughs as I tried to buy a new home. I’ll keep the details off the web. And then, after buying, I ran into another emergency – and I got really, really sick. And now I’m renovating…while starting a new contract with a new business client.

So things at Consultant Journal have been on hiatus. And that’s been very challenging, because I love writing articles here. Funny enough, many of my favourite posts have been about work-life balance.

Well, work-life balance is far from a perfect thing. I’ve spent the past to months in a 95-percent life, 5 percent work balance. But thing are steadily swinging the other way and I think I’ll be back to “normal” pretty soon. Whatever normal mean.

I’m pretty thankful to run a business. With the patience of my clients, I’ve been able to make it through this unpredictably challenging time. My business is flexible and a good portion of it can run without me.

But I love writing for Consultant Journal and look forward to posting more frequent articles. I’m glad you waited.