Innovation in Consulting

A long, long time ago in a suburb far, far away, Rhona-Mae Arca and I worked for a mid-sized software company. We spent lunch times and occasional Friday nights discussing our plans for growing our fledgling side businesses. Rhona-Mae went on to found Musespeak Consulting – and she’s just received major recognition from Roland Music for her innovations.

Musespeak has gone through a few iterations over the years, but has always focused on Rhona-Mae’s key skills in music, teaching, writing and consulting for non-profits. Along the way, she’s learned a bevy of technology and social media skills. Part of her business involves music education for children – and she’s found ways to bring her lessons right into their homes and outside of her one-on-one time with them.

Any consultant, regardless of their field, can learn from Rhona-Mae’s innovative use of technology. She explains it best in this video, which you can also find on her blog. Rhona-Mae uses applications, international online collaboration tools, a Youtube channel, blog, direct email, newsletters and a range of other tools to support her clients. And while this may be the most techy piano teaching you’ve ever seen, those same tools can be extended to all sorts of consulting environments. Grammy-winning composer Eric Whiteacre just gave her a shout-out too.

Now, Arca could have kept things simple. She could have seen herself as a piano teacher who liked to write. She could have holed up with a piano and a pad of paper and some homemade business cards. But she had a bigger vision and a passion to embrace new technologies. As a result, she’s been able to engage her clients, extend their learning, and involve them in international projects. She put a clear vision (and plan) in place, deliberately pursuing technologies that would support the needs of her clients. It’s not like she jumped on Twitter and Facebook and waited to see what happened. No, she started with her clients’ needs and went from there.

What technologies are you using in your consulting practice to support your clients?

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