8 Steps to Becoming a Consultant

Are you thinking of becoming a consultant but you’re not sure where to start? What is a consultant, anyway, and how do you become a consultant?

To help turn your dream of becoming a consultant into reality, read on…

8 Steps to Becoming a Consultant

    • 1. Find your niche – What are your interests and passions? What skills, training, and work experience do you possess?

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  • 2. Do your research – Research your competitors and the local market. Who will your clients be? How will you reach them? Consider writing a business plan.
  • 3. Get legal – Register your business name. Do you need a business permit? Will you operate as a sole proprietor or as a limited company? Check your government web site for rules and regulations.
  • 4. Get your office ready – A computer and printer/fax will be necessary. Other necessities: a good filing system, invoices, office stationery and supplies.
  • 5. Keep track of your money – Either do it yourself or hire a bookkeeper/accountant. Accurate financial records are a must!
  • 6. Set your fees – Hourly, daily, fixed (per project) or competitive – or solution-based. See our article.
  • 7. Sell yourself – Advertise in your local newspaper. Tell your friends. Network with other business professionals. Utilize social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • 8. Start working! – You’ve landed your first client, now it’s time to get out there and fulfill your dream of becoming a consultant!

These are just 8 simple steps that you can use to become a consultant. Once you’ve worked through these steps and done your basic research, you’ll be ready to start your new career as a consultant!

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