The power of customer service

Customer service can make an incredible difference in professional services business, such as consulting. Regular Consultant Journal reader Tony Rose blogged about his experiences with customer service at a major department store. I especially liked Tony’s last paragraph:

No matter what business you are in, excellent customer service will help you win and keep loyal customers. Even when your prices are higher, people are willing to pay more for convenience, quality and peace of mind.

As you go through the process of setting your consulting fees, remember that the value you bring to your clients is part of the package.

1 thought on “The power of customer service”

  1. Thank you Andrea! The quote you pulled is absolutely true. Think about the vendors, contractors, retail stores, local suppliers that you use. I would bet that you remember and reward those with remarkable customer service with your business. The same applies to consulting.

    Don’t sell yourself short when it comes to having world-class customer service. When possible, promote your successes with the use of testimonials.

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