Tupperware consultant: become consultant

A few people emailed to ask how to become a Tupperware consultant. Well, Tupperware consultant wannabes should try the Tupperware consultant careers site. There, you can contact a local rep and get the ball rolling.

I’d never really thought about becoming a Tupperware consultant, although someone did get me to come along to a party about 10 years ago. These days, I see a lot of Tupperware consultants running mall kiosks. I suppose that’s an easier way to find customers nowadays, when fewer people are even home, let alone willing to open their door to a stranger.

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  1. Hello! I see that you have a link to the Tupperware Canada website above, I am a Tupperware consultant in the USA and if anyone in the US finds your website and would like information about joining Tupperware here, please link them to my Tupperware US website and I would be happy to tell them more:

    Have a Blessed Day!

    Wendy Leal

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