Two truths: you can hold both

Do you ever struggle with your desire to build a successful business and the here and now of where your business is today? Perhaps you struggle with a variety of truths:

  • You want very much to work on your own, but you feel a need to have someone guide you
  • You are inspired to grow your business, but you procrastinate and get behind
  • You love running your own show, but you have lonely days
  • You love what you do, but you hate how most of your days look
  • You know you’ll make serious money when your business grows, but you’re not there yet and you’re struggling to pay the bills
  • You love the excitement of new assignments, but you don’t like feast or famine cycles
  • or perhaps you’ve got your own polar truths to add here

Perhaps you feel one or the other must be true. But both can be true. You can hold both of those ideas.

The solution is finding a way to address both ideas. If one idea is really affecting your today, then look at how to solve it. It’s okay to take steps to make positive changes.

You can hold two truths.

Maybe you need to get a part-time job. Or a full-time job. Or join a networking group. Or get a mentor. Or do more social stuff. Or write a new business plan. Or draft a new marketing plan. Or build up an emergency fund.

In fact, as I write in How to make the leap to full-time consulting, you can take small steps. You needn’t jump to one polar view or take a black and white approach. You CAN build a successful business while having fears, uncertainties, hesitations, financial woes and more. You just need to honour those points and look to address them.

Your feelings matter. And they need not be one way or the other. You can hold multiple feelings and still be "right" and "successful".

1 thought on “Two truths: you can hold both”

  1. I agree that you can have multiple feelings as well as multiple experiences. However, one way to mitigate the experience of feast or famine is to have multiple sources of income deriving from your consulting practice.

    Consider brushing off your writing skills and write a book on an area of your consulting practice, become an expert in your area and get paid speaking assignments, or reorganize your practice so that you can qualify for grants. These are just a few ideas that immediately come to me.

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