Vancouver GMAT course contract

Vancouver GMAT course provider Veritas Prep regularly hires me to teach GMAT prep in Vancouver to MBA-bound students. Veritas runs courses worldwide, including GMAT prep in Vancouver. Although the company is based in Malibu, California, the founders have developed a business model that allows them to offer courses anywhere.

Teaching is a key interest for me. One reason I completed an MBA was my interest in teaching college-level courses. After graduating, I completed a certificate in adult education. Shortly thereafter, I signed on with Veritas. A side benefit of teaching is the opportunity I have to meet up-and-coming business leaders. Some of my students already hold prestigious positions, but I recognize that even the most inexperienced students may one day play a role in shaping the business world.

If you’re a consultant or interested in consulting, consider teaching as a way to round out your workload. It’s a great way to meet people, practice public speaking, reinforce concepts, and build contacts. Many consultants email me, asking how they can take advantage of ways to earn money when they are between consulting contracts. Teaching can help fill that role, too.

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