What’s the scariest thing about consulting?

What’s the scariest thing about consulting?

I jumped into consulting when I was still wet behind the ears. My mom bought me a t-shirt that said, "Fear: the thief of dreams". She saw me as a risk taker.

Well, I wouldn’t say I was fearless or that I had nothing to lose. But I was confident in my goals. I’d been planning my launch into consulting for a long time. And I became a consultant a little bit at a time. I’d figured out  what consulting I should do, written a business plan, set my consulting fees, established an emergency fund and so on. It wasn’t that I was fearless — it was that I had a plan.

For me, the scariest thing was that I’d stay in a 9 to 5 job and never pursue my dream. I was worried that I’d never feel the satisfaction of:

  • landing my first client
  • handing out a business card with my own company’s name on it
  • telling people I owned a consulting business
  • getting my first contract signed
  • cashing my first check from a client
  • growing my own business

What do you see as the scariest thing about consulting or starting a consulting business?