Wow, September got away from me

I’ve been a bit silent on the blog this month. I took on a couple of big contracts in August, then suffered a setback when I aggravated some injuries…and now I’m in the process of playing catch up.

The good news is that I’m loving the work I’m doing. And I’m working on some exciting projects — health care publicity for one client and a launch for a software company in stealth mode.

What are you up to?

1 thought on “Wow, September got away from me”

  1. I’m glad that October is shaping up to be a better month all around for you.

    September spun out of control for me too. My students and I are eagerly looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend. We get an extra two days off this year because of World Skills 2009.

    My studio is nearly at full capacity and I’m playing for a choir this term. More of that on my own blog. I am looking for more writing gigs and then hopefully some Christmas music/party gigs.

    I also launched an e-store last month:* . It feels like playtime and chess at the same time.

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