Your website can be a lifeline

If you’ve run your business so far without needing a website, you may not see the point. After all, you haven’t had trouble finding new clients, nurturing old ones or growing your business. So why bother with a website?

If nothing else, your website is one more place for clients to find you. If they’ve lost your business number, can’t remember your business name or find your email address, they may just type your name into a search engine. Because I monitor my web stats, I know that many people find my website just by searching for my name. I’ve even had friends Google me when they’re away from their homes or offices and they need to find my contact info in a flash. They send a quick email through my website and maintain contact with me. Because I have a website, it’s easier for people to find me. And that helps my business, even though many of my clients are already known to me.