Finding work you can do from home

Finding work you can do from home is something that seems to elude a lot of people. But it’s not as hard to find work you can do from home as you might think. If you start a consulting business, you’ll have the flexibility to decide where and when you work. For example, you might meet with clients at their office, but you can still do planning, research, analysis, writing and other work at home. Some clients are even comfortable enough that they’ll okay work without ever meeting you in person. Over the years, I’ve worked remotely for clients ranging from Hewlett-Packard in California to start-ups a few blocks away from my home — all without ever leaving my home office! So, if you’re someone who answers a hearty "yes!" to "Should I become a consultant?", you could be working from home in short order.

If you’d like mentorship in your transition to consulting, check out Become a Consultant: How to Make the Leap.

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Precious Caprice says:

I’m currently working at a telemarketing job I can’t stand. I would MUCH rather be working from home doing a job like that.

Yolanda Ayu says:

I really need to work from home! This was a great article with tons of good and helpful links to compliment it! Bookmarked and shared :) .

admin says:

Try doing a personal inventory, Mark. It should help.

Simona J says:

This article is very helpul for me, as I ‘he been looking for a part job for a while. I will come back here for new information regarding this theme.

Mark says:

Hi, I nearly have a useless doctorate in English and otherwise no skills. Due to a social anxiety disorder, I absolutely must work from home, and consulting seems like the only option. The problem is that I don’t know what I am qualified to consult people about. What do you think?



John says:

You’ve echoed what I have written many times. People often ask, “What work can I do from home?” and I say it’s just a matter of first doing the work to find the right opportunity for you. Thanks for the post!

Hi Andrea,
I wanted to thank you for your useful comment on HomeBusinessWiz and to let you know that I have referenced your article about work from home scams in /”>this article. Thanks again for your contribution.