Happy Birthday to me!

Today’s my birthday. And you know what? I’m NOT working today. I’m taking the day off. I’m hanging out with my kids, my husband and my friends today. I’ll be chatting on the phone with friends and family, but I’m not answering business calls or following up on work email. Nope! Today is all about the things I value most.

And that’s why I became a consultant. I take days off all the time. I work when I want to work — and my schedule is a little out of the ordinary. Sometimes, I hire other people to do the work, while I’m out enjoying life. I can’t imagine going back to the nine to five grind in an office some where. Sure, I work hard and I have responsibilities, but I have a quality of life that I can’t imagine ever giving up. And that’s what makes my birthday so sweet — it’s a day for celebration and I’m celebrating!