Finding the energy for a second job or side biz

A second job may sound a bit over the top. I mean, if you’re working at a day job, how could you possibly have time for a second job or a side business? Well, here’s a secret.

The average US resident spends 2.6 hours a day watching TV, for a total of 18.2 hours a week. What if you put just half that time into working at a second job or side business? And that time watching TV doesn’t even account for time spent surfing the web, chatting on the phone, puttering around the house and so on.

I’m not suggesting that people cut out their leisure time. But, if watching TV isn’t paying your bills or putting food on your table or even helping you feel joy and accomplishment, maybe you could make some trade offs.


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1 thought on “Finding the energy for a second job or side biz”

  1. I think it is more the mentality to want to work a second part time job or a side business than a desire.

    TV is nothing more than just a means to pass boredom. Without changing the mindset whether watching TV is worth giving up, it can be hard to pursue a desire to earn more money.

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