Part-time second jobs – a juggling act

This is a guest post by Seth Holden.

Part-time second jobs can seem like an overwhelming possibility. Many people are even embarrassed when looking for a part-time second job. But with 6.5 percent of the United States population unemployed and bad news seemingly coming every day, a part-time second job can help tremendously in achieving your own personal goals, paying off debt and keeping your family financially secure.

Finding a part-time second job

Part-time second jobs can seem like chameleons, hiding from you. But there are many viable ways to find work. Probably the most effective route, if at all possible, is to visit the business you want to work at in person and ask about job openings. You could also walk down a business district or a mall and simply walk into any place of business and ask. There may or may not be a help wanted sign, so don’t rely on just that.

Checking the classified ads in your local newspaper is also a tried and true way of finding a job. There is generally a mix of full and part time opportunities, and many options are flexible.

A part-time second job means many things

Having a side job doesn’t mean having to work the overnight shift somewhere. Check out these ideas for second jobs. Like juggling, having that other job may look hard, but with some practice it can be done by anyone.

Seth Thomas currently lives in New Hampshire. He uses Consultant Journal as his second part-time job. In his spare time he hikes and records little songs, some of which can be heard on his MySpace.

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