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As the holidays approach, it’s a good idea to start thinking about how you’ll tie holiday cards into your marketing. My friend Michele shares this experience:

"In November I began thinking about Christmas, a particular holiday I celebrate. It’s not tough to think of it early on considering most retailers put out their holiday wares immediately following Halloween! As I walked past a Christmas card aisle, I contemplated skipping the chore. That is, except for my clients. I believe the holiday season is the perfect time for consultants to market themselves while sending well wishes to their clients. That being said, I had become increasingly uneasy about singling out Christmas considering so many people don’t celebrate it. Even “Happy Holidays” didn’t seem appropriate enough.

In an effort to not offend, I decided on some fairly generic cards. They simply had an illustration of skaters and the words, “Cool Season, Warm Heart”. I wrote a personal message to each of my clients, wishing them health and prosperity for the New Year. This approach was so well received that clients thanked me for my thoughtfulness. I’ll be sure to send out New Year’s cards next season!"

Great idea, Michele. With the birth of my baby and all the work I had last year, I actually send out "Happy 2008" cards in January. It worked well, because they landed on client’s desks when people were in a work mindset. I actually got a couple of calls from clients who wanted me to send in proposals. So $15 in cards and postage went a long way.

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  1. I think sending out cards is a great way to stay connected…and not just during the holidays. I like to send out a “thanks” or a “congrats” card at different times during the year…having a virtual assistant makes the process even easier!

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