Consulting fees – should you discount when starting out?

It can be tempting to cut your consulting fees when you’re starting out. Here’s why you should think twice about discount the rate you charge as a consultant.

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Disney revamped Old Yeller – but tread carefully with your brand revamp

Disney pulls off a repackaging of a tragic classic children’s book – but don’t assume you can do the same with your brand revamp.

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You won’t believe how this gardening truck beats the marketing game

You won’t believe how this gardening truck beats the marketing game. At first, I was shocked. Then I was too busy looking at what was there. Then I figured out what was going on – and it was simple brilliance.

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Stay gold, Ponyboy

stay gold, ponyboy

An odd sticker with a “Stay gold, Ponyboy quote” harkens back to simpler days.

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Consulting business names – 25 ideas for great brands

Choosing a name for your consulting business means making lots of decisions. Our 25 ideas for choosing a great name can make the process a little easier.

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Managing business continuity risk

business continuity risk

Own a small business? Managing business continuity risk can better ensure the long term health of your business.

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Setting consulting fees confidently

Setting consulting fees confidently can help you get ahead in your consulting career, no matter whether you’re starting out or firmly established. Learn more about what trips up most consultants.

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From the master

Don Draper of Mad Men has some sound advice for entrepreneurs and others…

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Is search marketing right for you?

search marketing for consultants

Search marketing can help your business reach potential customers. Is it right for you?

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Should you market your small business with PPC?

Should you market your business with PPC?

Small business owners face a barrage of marketing options. Given the rise in PPC advertising, entrepreneurs may be wondering what PPC can do for them. Find out why – or why not – to do PPC.

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