Consulting Fees – A Guide for Independent Consultants

Learn proven models for setting your consulting and freelance fees. Our new book trailer highlights some of the content and review from Consulting Fees: A Guide for Independent Consultants.

Almost 10 years ago, I wrote a post on how to set consulting fees. At the time, there was nothing else online. The post went viral and people started contacting me for more information. I’d dared to talk about money – a taboo subject – and, to top it off, I was sharing how I went about setting my fees. Soon, Consultant Journal had a loyal following and I’d published a short ebook. Over the years, I’ve expanded and refined that information to develop a full book, available both on this site and through bookstores worldwide.

Need help with your rates? Pick up a copy of Consulting Fees: A Guide for Independent Consultants.

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Building a sustainable business means more than green choices

Building a sustainable business is what can hold your prospects for the long haul – it’s about more than choosing recycled paper.

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Should you be on Facebook?

I got a call the other day, from a small business owner. They said they knew they didn’t need to be on Facebook because their market isn’t on Facebook.

“Who’s your target market?” I asked.

“Men with money.”

“Men with money are on Facebook,” I replied.

In fact, about 31% of Facebook users are 31-54, according to statistics from Jetscram.

And more than 72% of households with incomes above $75,000 use Facebook, according to Statista.

In fact, if you use Facebook ads, you can target users by income and other demographic factors.

However, PPC ads are just one way to get to people on Facebook. Facebook pages, social sharing, news stories, images and quotes and other content can reach people on Facebook.

But, even if your target market uses Facebook, it may not be the best place to meet your market. It makes a lot more sense to put together a marketing plan, based on research and strategy, and target your market based on careful thought.

I mean, sure, maybe your market is on Facebook. Maybe it’s on LinkedIn. Maybe it’s standing at a bus stop, looking at the daily paper. Maybe it’s in a board room, talking to other key influencers or at a concert, looking at a t-shirt. There are a million ways to market and Facebook – in all its iterations – poses just one method.

The more important thing is to figure out your market, the best way to reach them and the best messages and tools to use.

But don’t discount a medium just because you think your users eschew social media. Take the time to get to know your market – and the statistics behind the social medium. You might be surprised, for example, to see just how many key influencers and household decision makers use Facebook and LinkedIn. Make strategic decisions and take the time to learn more.

Should you market with PPC ads?
Putting together a business plan

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You can’t market with a garden hose

You can’t market with a garden hose – you need a strategy that hits your target full-on.

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How to Google yourself

Have you ever looked yourself up in a search engine? Find out how to Google yourself – and why.

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Following in someone’s footsteps

Following another person’s footsteps can save you time and energy, even when you’re ultimately finding your own way.

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How to introduce a speaker

Wondering how to introduce a speaker? Learn about this important role and get tips for the task of speaker introduction.

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Is The Motley Fool targeting BC parents and their $40?

Is a Motley Fool ad on The Vancouver Sun targeting BC parents and their $40 temporary education supplement? As a marketing consultant, I’m intrigued.

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Building your risk tolerance

No matter what stage your business or career is at, you may benefits from building your risk tolerance. You might think that means just learning to stop being afraid, but pursuing more life experiences may be the real answer.

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What you learn from your first client

Your first client means more than money and validation. You have the opportunity to learn.

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