Aligning your work with your values

My community grocery store was having a green Earth fair this past weekend. My husband and I wheeled the kids through the booths, stopping to check out the yoga demonstration, the hybrid car and a few other displays. At one booth, I chatted with someone from an organization that aims to connect city people with the farms that grow their food. I mentioned that, many years ago, I worked for the government as a marketer of agri-food — value-added agricultural products.

The farm fellow asked me what I was doing now. I explained that I run my own marketing consulting company and that my experience in marketing agri-food had led me to look into what other value-added products I could help my country market. I said that I felt the country relied on primary resources too much and that I wanted to help create a knowledge economy.

He asked if I worked from home. We had a chat about carbon footprints and how mine was pretty small, since I have no commute and try to shop on foot. I noted that, now that I have a family, I’ve found ways to keep consulting without needing to put my kids in daycare. And then it dawned on me…

I got into consulting because I wanted to live my values. When I started out, all those years ago, I was just diving into a dream. But now I’m there.


"It’s pretty exciting to be able to making your living from your values," I said. And the guy nodded. He understood. We got each other.

Why do you want to consult?

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  1. I want to consult because I don’t want to be stuck in an office all day. I want to work on my own time frame. I want to do my job and not have to answer to a “boss”.

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