Top 5 biz mistakes that drive people crazy

This week’s Friday 5 comes from Escape from Cubicle Nation: the top 5 nitpicky mistakes that drive me crazy.

Well, they drive me crazy, too!

Sharing an email address with your spouse.

Ugh. Please. Get your own email, even if it’s through Yahoo or Gmail. You should eventually have your own website and thus domain, but, please, don’t send email from janeandbob or, worse yet, BobandHisGreatDogJake.

Not including enough information in the “About Us” page of a website.

No kidding. I don’t even send email message to companies with limited “about us” pages. I want to know who you are before I send an email.

What bugs you ?

1 thought on “Top 5 biz mistakes that drive people crazy”

  1. I think one of the really annoying ones is those that use their personal phone lines (whether cell phone or land line) as a business phone number. I think this can be a mistake made by a lot of people that start home businesses (I work with small business computer consultants, and often that is how their businesses start), and it is pretty unprofessional and also just unwise. I’m not quite sure why someone would choose to do this, if only because it gives them no real barrier between them and potential clients that can for all practical purposes call them at any time of day or night. But also, it can be confusing to those calling for business purposes if they are greeted with an overly personal or non-business-sounding out-going message. It’s just better business to invest in the second phone line and keep it exclusively for business use.

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