Ask Your Clients

As a consultant, you want to leave your clients more than satisfied with your services. But how do you know how happy they are after the job is done? You might think you’ve done a fantastic job, but the client may not agree. Learning what you’ve done right, and wrong, is an important step in becoming a successful consultant.

So how do you find out exactly what your clients think? Create a survey!

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Select your method of delivery. Mail? Email? Telephone? Choose the method with which you will be most comfortable.
  • Contact your client a.s.a.p. Their memory of your services will still be fresh in their minds. A good method is to include the survey with the invoice and request that they send their response along with their cheque. Consider giving them an incentive – such as an entry in a draw or a reward for a future purchase.
  • Design the survey. Make it clear what you are asking. You can ask open-ended questions or have your client select from options. Combining both is good practice. Leave space for comments. You can also use an external site to create your survey, as I did here.
  • Keep it simple. Be specific as to what you are asking, and keep the survey short. You don’t want the client confused, or to lose interest. Make it easy for them to give their feedback.
  • Don’t take it personally. You may not get as many responses as you expected. Remember: people might be too busy or just forgetful. Or perhaps you received some ‘negative’ feedback. Don’t beat yourself up; learn from it.
  • Follow up. Thank your client for taking the time to respond. Let them know that they’ve been heard.

Learning what your clients think of your consulting services is a great way to build a solid relationship with your clients. Also, by addressing client issues, you will encourage repeat customers. And don’t forget that you will receive positive comments as well, a sure sign that you are becoming a successful consultant!

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