How to get testimonials – six tips

Getting testimonials from clients can help build your expert status. Once you figure out how to get testimonials, you can ramp up your credibility. That’s because, when your prospective clients see the words of others who are happy with your services, they’re more likely to believe in what you have to offer.

In other words, a testimonial can help sell people on the merits of your services. If other people are willing to attach their name to positive feedback about you, it implies that you’re the real deal.

Six tips for getting testimonials

  1. When a client says something positive about your company, products or services, ask if you can use those words and their name as a testimonial in your marketing.
  2. Get it in writing. Use email or a letter to note the testimonial you want to use and ask the client to reply back with permission.
  3. Request feedback. If clients haven’t taken the time to sign your praises, send a short note asking for feedback about your products and services. Tell them you welcome all feedback — heck, it’s a great way to find out where you should improve.
  4. Try to get real testimonials. Sometimes, clients may ask you to just write something up and have them sign off on it. But the natural language of a true testimonial will always stand out more than polished marketing terms. Wherever possible, try to get words right from the client.
  5. Include details. Note the person’s name, title, company and city (or a mix of these). "John D." sounds less legitimate than "John Doe, CEO, MegaCorp Ltd, Houston".
  6. Share your testimonials with your existing clients. It helps reaffirm their decision to buy from you and may spark feedback.

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  1. I have jest receantly started working as a consultant and this tip was right and to the point for me.
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