Be clear on why you’re doing this

Are you clear on what you’re doing? Whether you’re new to consulting or you’ve been doing it for years, a little clarity can go a long way. If you feel muddy when it comes to why you’re in consulting and what your goals and values are, it’s going to come through in your work. You’ll lack that special focus in client interactions, marketing messages, sales and even how you handle client after care.

So let’s start with you. In a future post, we’ll look at what all this means for your business and your clients. But, right now, let’s just talk about you.

Why are you consulting? Some possible answers:

  • Consulting is my side job.
  • I like earning high fees. It’s a self esteem thing about my pay.
  • I am looking to do something in retirement as a consultant.
  • I love working on the kinds of projects I can do through consulting.
  • It’s an additional revenue stream – I have another business activity as my main focus.
  • I love helping people.
  • Consulting lets me apply my experience to solving complex problems.
  • I love working for myself.
  • It feels like mentoring when I help my clients. I like giving back.
  • It’s an offshoot of my speaking/teaching career.
  • I’m planning to change careers and this lets me build experience.
  • I was looking for a job, but I found contract work instead.
  • I needed work-life balance.
  • I got downsized.
  • Someone offered me a contract.
  • I want more control over my life.
  • I want to look after my kids.
  • I have an ailing family member to look after.
  • I’m saving up for a financial goal or to get out of debt.
  • and so on

What are your reasons for consulting? What do you hope to achieve?