September feels like a new year

 September always feels like a new year to me. I always thought I’d get that out of my system once I finished school, but I’ve never managed to shake it. Of course, my own kids are in school now and I took most of August off to be with them. So there is a bit of that shock that summer is over. (Not as much shock as we felt when we showed up at the water park today and found out it was turned off – summer’s really over.)

But even if my own kids weren’t falling into the school year, I’d feel a bit like a new year was underway. I suppose some of that is because not a heck of a lot gets done in Vancouver in the summer. And tradeshow season – which really gets going in October and November – starts to percolate through the marketing consulting industry in September. I’m looking at doing some lectures at the university level this fall too – having taught at Simon Fraser University again this summer.

Thought I tend to reflect on my plans for my business each January, September usually finds me looking at how my plans are going and ramping up for the fall. By mid September, I’m usually in full networking mode, reconnecting with all my contacts after the disconnect of summer vacations.

Today, though…I spent at kindergarten orientation and grade school drop off, thrilled that finally both my kids are in the same place for pick-up and drop-off and happy for the adventures that await them. After that, we spent 2 hours playing baseball, three hours at the local market, 2 hours on a bike ride…and then we all collapsed in a heap.

No wonder I’m ready to get back to work. It may be less tiring!

How about you? Does September still feel like back to school?

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