Second jobs – working on the side

Second jobs are on the rise. More than 7 million Americans work at a second "side" job. And, while you might think of a second job as something you take when you’re in dire straits, the research shows that professionals and even firefighters are among the people most likely to have a second job. People tend to take on side jobs when they have flexible schedules and an opportunity to reap financial and career rewards – or follow their passions.

In my post on second jobs, I give some ideas for side jobs. While the easiest jobs to find might be in retail or service industries, the most lucrative ones often involve gigs, freelancing, consulting and self-employment. That’s because your employer has to make a profit off hiring you. So if you work for yourself, you may be able to access a higher rate.

Of course, some people work at side jobs because they want to tap into training, medical benefits or other goodies offered by the employer. A friend of mine actually became a barista because she wanted to go through the barista training program. I know other people who work at side jobs because they get discounts on travel, clothing and other items.

Many people decide to take on a side job as a way to have a little fun. Perhaps their day job is boring or has changed and they don’t get to do the work they really like. Consider someone who does technical writing for a bank but freelances as a health and nutrition writer. Or the accountant who teaches sailing on Saturdays. Or the office administrator who works as a tour guide in the mountains each summer. Many people take on side jobs just for the love of it – and they get a little money at the same time.

How about you? Do you have a second job?

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