Become a consultant course – for charter members

Becoming a consultant is one of the hottest topics at Consultant Journal. And many of you have written to me to ask for personal help in becoming a consultant. So I’m pleased to announce the launch of Become a Consultant: How to Make the Leap. It’s an online course designed to mentor you in your journey toward becoming a consultant.

This course has been in the works for over a year. It started out as an ebook and grew from there. In recognition of the many ways that you might learn, the course uses a combination of audio, text, exercises and opportunities for discussion.

But what really excites me is that I’m offering a personal review of your marketing plan, as part of the package. I really want each and every person who takes the course to succeed. And, since I’ve made my career in marketing, I think it only stands to reason that I can add even more value to the course by helping you with your marketing plan.

Find out more at Become a Consultant: How to Make the Leap. I look forward to welcoming charter members into the program.


Andrea Coutu

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